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Iacobus provides commercial services and financial advice to start-ups, scale-ups and medium-sized companies. Our core competencies are raising funding, transaction advisory and succession management.

Our passion is to help businesses strive. We work closely with you. You benefit from our experience, expertise and network.


We support your investors,
your company and teams

Our aspiration is to create sustainable values through our work. These go beyond pure financial returns. We are successful when your company not only operates profitably but is also in a strong position for the long term.


Corporate Finance Advisory

The capital market offers a wide range of options for funding entrepreneurial activity, be it for growth, innovation or restructuring. We show you financing options and work out suitable solutions for you. Using creativity and our expertise, we find a way.


The search for capital ties up important resources. Are you looking to carry out a capital increase, make new investments or fund future growth? We help you in a pragmatic and solution-oriented way to raise equity and debt capital.

M & A

Inorganic growth or the merger of competitors can offer competitive advantages. We advise on both the buyer and seller side. We excel thanks to our deep entrepreneurial and business understanding. A successful M&A process always creates advantages for both sides.

Succession & Exit

The time when companies are handed over, whether as a result of retirement or an exit, presents a particular challenge. With you, we ensure that this process is successfully managed. We support you and your team so that the company can continue to succeed afterwards.

Special Situations

From time to time, every company goes through challenges. In such exceptional situations, which are always characterised by an increased stress level, we help to remain calm and act rationally. With the right network and the necessary experience, restructurings, reorganisations or carve-outs can be successfully managed.


Our Framework –
The Iacobus Cycle©

The Iacobus Cycle© represents the typical life cycle of companies. This tool helps us understand a company’s needs quickly and analyse it within the right context. Each of the four phases comes with its specific financial challenges. Based on our experience and expertise, we can develop suitable financing options for each of the four phases.


1. Innovation

In the first phase, the innovation phase, the focus is on finding capital. Investors who provide equity capital must be convinced of an idea.

2. Expansion

In the subsequent expansion phase, the issue of debt capital plays an increasingly important role. In order to be able to expand quickly and sustainably, equity capital is often not enough. Companies need to tap into new sources of capital that grow with the business.

3. Maturity

The third phase, in which a company has reached a certain level of maturity, is characterised by M&A activities. Organic growth is no longer sufficient to gain market share. Companies start to take over competitors or expand their range of services to further business models.

4. Exit

The fourth phase is primarily about the exit of the founders or succession arrangements in family businesses. The challenge is to set up the company in such a way that innovation remains strong and new ideas are triggered. Whether through management buy-outs, management buy-ins, IPOs or company sales, various options can lead to success.

Events & Informationen

We collaborate closely with our partners on a long-term basis and build on trust

Iacobus regularly invites partners to exclusive events. In various formats, participants can exchange experience and knowledge. We also prepare information and market insights for our partners. Information such as white papers, market insights or articles can help give you an edge in the market.


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